Wednesday, April 16, 2008

MoM is no more

As you've probably already noticed, Master of Metal is no more. I originally deleted it entirely, but decided I'd go ahead and put something back up here as a placeholder just so the name points somewhere and I can explain what happened.

No legal troubles or anything of that nature, just personal crap. I've been thinking though, and I may (sometime in the next couple of months, probably not until summer though) start a new blog/site of some kind geared toward giving local (that'd be middle Tennessee for me, but maybe it could branch out later) bands some exposure.

Anyway, Master of Metal is definitely gone, probably permanently, or at least for quite some time. I plan on starting an entirely new blog with a new name for the purpose outlined above, but I might just end up using Master of Metal to do that. In the meantime, I think what I'll do is kind of like what has done and maybe have a list of links or something to some of the metal blogs I frequented (the ones that are still active).

I dunno, this is all pretty speculative at this point, nothing concrete, so check back here every now and then if you want an update on the future of Master of Metal or the new metal website project I'll be starting eventually.

That's all for now, stay metal!